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LAMINAIR Systems HyperFlow Airknives and Nozzles have been designed as low cost high efficiency replacement for compressed air blow-off systems. Can be used as a direct replacement to a compressed air system with improved performance and a typical 6-12 month ROI from energy savings alone.


Laminair air flow design.
High velocity output for water blow-off.
High performance coatings to reduce drag, and improve velocity and flow rate.
Air hose connection to improved hose retention.
Fan generated supply system. Typically 10% the cost of compressed air.
Ionizer option for static control.
Reduced noise levels.
Easy mounting
Many sizes to fit your application
Custom system design

See our brochure for sizes and further information:
HyperFlow Nozzles PDF
Carrier Blowoff
Large Parts Blowoff
Vehicle Blowoff
Bumper Blowoff
Sheet Blowoff
Extrusion Blowoff