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The Laminair Systems M Series blow-off is a direct replacement for the typical compressed air blow-off application, with an operating cost savings of up to 90%.

The M Series blow-off will deliver a higher air volume with equal or greater air velocity compared to typical compressed air systems. Reduce your Operating Costs by installing a Laminair System High Pressure Blowoff System in place of your compressed air application.

The M Series blow-off is a totally self contained compact fan driven blow-off unit. It includes a High Pressure Fan, Filter, Controls, Hose, and nozzle. Controls can operate manually, automatically or can be interfaced with your process equipment.

The system can be installed in minutes. Just locate the NEMA 12 enclosure, point the nozzle, plug it into 120 VAC or 220 VAC and turn it on. The unit weighs about 90 lbs making it easily portable for multiple location hook-up.

Blower Capabilities with a Laminair HyperFlow Nozzle (1" outlet diameter):

- At 33% power output = air velocity up to 60 mph measure from 12 inches away with a volume of 200 CFM